Christian Leadership Alliance Presents

The Outcomes Leadership CORE powered by Lead Like Jesus

This learning experience is for leaders who don’t want to simply be great leaders, but long to be leaders who lead like Jesus.

Divided into four pathways, this transformational experience will change the way you lead and live.

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Outcomes Leadership CORE certificate.


Pathway I - Identity

Building Accurate Self-Awareness

Accurate self-awareness, understanding who we are, including our strengths and weaknesses, is the strongest predictor of a leader and team’s overall success. Now you have access to a unique

Biblical DISC® Assessment

This tool helps you discover and embrace your God-given identity and equip you to use that knowledge for personal and team benefit.

Discover your unique design through a powerful biblical lens.


Pathway II – Integration

Inside-Out Transformation

The key to great leadership is the leader. Leadership improves when a leader is changed on the inside first.

That’s because leadership is primarily a heart issue.

Only a transformed leader will lead like Jesus.

Enroll in the Outcomes Academy course: The Heart of a Leader

Enroll in the Outcomes Academy course: Lead Like Jesus


Pathway III – Immersion

Follow the Leader

Go deeper to develop the heart, head, hands and habits of a great leader by following the greatest leader of all time, Jesus.

Packed with action-oriented, peer-to-peer learning,

The Leadership ENCOUNTER Experience

is a highly interactive and deeply personal workshop that challenges conventional leadership models and offers a practical model based on the greatest leader role model of all time, Jesus.

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Pathway IV – Inspiration

Ongoing Growth and Development

Becoming a leader who leads like Jesus is a lifelong process requiring a lifelong commitment. Accountability is a powerful tool God designed to keep us from wandering away from his best for our lives.

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