Pathway I - Identity

Building Accurate Self-Awareness

Studies indicate that accurate self-awareness, understanding who we are, including our strengths and weaknesses, is the strongest predictor of a leader’s and team’s overall success.

Through the Outcomes Leadership Core powered by Lead Like Jesus you now have access to a unique Biblical DISC® Assessment which helps you as a leader discover and embrace your God-given identity. It also equips you to use that knowledge for personal and team benefit.

See your unique design through a powerful biblical lens.

Access the full collection of resources and experiences related to maximizing the Biblical DISC® in personal and team settings.


  • Take Biblical DISC® Assessment, a personalized blueprint to build positive relationships and effective leaders, with an in-depth biblical analysis and an option for coaching, individual, relationship and/or team report.
  • Take Biblical DISC® Assessment and sign up for expert Coaching. Go deeper and discover your unique behavioral gifts and how God can use them to help you lead more effectively!
  • Enroll in Biblical DISC® Certification. Learn how to apply the Biblical DISC® Assessment to your coaching, consulting or training efforts.
  • Ask about organizational packages to impact your entire team!